Here I go, taking the first serious step with my online presence. I was always complaining about not having a website and a blog, and probably this is simply how everyone feels at some point in their lives. I noticed that until now, I always consumed whatever is on the internet and didn’t pay back. I read all the blogs and used all open source code that I need, this is my best attempt to make it worth. We’ll see how it will go.

Until now, all blogging stuff seemed so scary and intimidating. I just felt like everybody will see my posts from day one, and follow me, and find my mistakes, and make fun of my mistakes etc. Then there is this idea of not being accomplished enough to maintain a blog, especially when you see other awesome people and blogs. But in reality, everybody has something to teach. Any piece of information that one see very trivial may enlighten some other persons path. This is one of the two reasons why I am writing all of these here, in case somebody else is having same problems with me and reads this post: Just do it! The other usage is for me to read it if I have any doubts in the future.

So what am I planning to write about? I like learning new things, so I thought I can just take notes while I am learning them. The idea is keeping this blog as a collection of:

  • Summarized information about computer science out of all learning materials that I used
  • All gotchas and pitfalls I had while I’m coding
  • All open source projects that I will start/contribute
  • Business and entrepreneurship related posts
  • Personal posts (because this is what people do with blogs, right?)

Okay, time to end this uselessly long “Hello World!” post. Please don’t hesitate to make me a better person with your corrections and suggestions. Now, onto more useful things!